Global Open Infrastructure

Like any satellite communications system, FemtoStar uses a network of satellites to allow communications between terminals on earth. Traditional communications satellites - both those that act as simple repeaters, and those with onboard routing - fundamentally work by shuffling data to and from user terminals via a separate, non-user-accessible feeder link connecting them to a large, official ground station.

FemtoStar breaks this distinction. All user hardware can be used both to connect to and to operate services, directly via the satellites. There are no special "feeder" links, and no prior arrangement with FemtoStar is required to operate a service. Credit processing takes place on-satellite, and works even when no official ground station is available.

FemtoStar is also developing FemtoStar Real-Time Core Services (RTCS), an open standard for basic communications services such as internet access over the FemtoStar network. RTCS is intended to provide a global baseline in FemtoStar-based service, and will be supported by all of our own ground stations. We encourage RTCS adoption at third-party ground stations

It's not just services either - the FemtoStar terminal will be released as an open standard, with an open-hardware reference design, and FemtoStar will work with third-party terminal manufacturers to license third-party terminals for use on the FemtoStar network.