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Satellite communications, done differently.

The FemtoStar Project is a global community developing a satellite constellation for secure, open, and private communications - anywhere on planet Earth.

Global Open Infrastructure

FemtoStar satellites are open infrastructure - that means anyone can use them without needing to go through an official gateway. This makes FemtoStar a flexible, open, and inherently net-neutral network, able not just to connect users to the services we provide, but to serve as a platform for what others build on top of it.

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Free and open-source technology, built by a global community

FemtoStar is free and open-source technology. This goes for software and hardware alike, and, yes, even for the satellites themselves. You have access to the source files, and if you want to make sure the software on your terminal lives up to its privacy and security claims, the source is freely available to use, read, or modify.

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Privacy by design, not just by promise

Many products merely promise privacy. FemtoStar is different. Privacy and security are baked into every part of the system, all the way down to the lowest level details. Unlike any other wide-area telecommunications network, FemtoStar offers verifiable guarantees that user privacy is unconditionally protected.

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Our Partners

The FemtoStar Project is working with an ever-growing community of partners to make FemtoStar a reality.
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