The FemtoStar Project is a community of volunteers, to date funded primarily out-of-pocket by some of our members, and from donations by our community. Nobody is required to donate, and we currently don't have much in terms of perks for donors, but if you'd like to see this project succeed and are able to, consider throwing a few dollars our way or setting up a recurring donation through Liberapay.

Donations go directly into buying hardware for the project. All of our members are volunteers, and our operating costs apart from hardware are low enough to cover out of pocket. Everything donated here will be spent on hardware to make this project possible.

Donate via PayPal

We accept both one-time donations directly via PayPal, and recurring donations via Liberapay (processed using PayPal).

Since PayPal required our account to belong to a specific legal entity, PayPal donations go to FemtoStar Inc., and are used to purchase components and produce prototype hardware for use by the FemtoStar Project. FemtoStar Inc. is owned and operated entirely by FemtoStar Project volunteers, and exists to assist the FemtoStar Project in production of hardware, and in ownership and operation of the FemtoStar Network (see our FAQ for further details).

PayPal (one-time donation): Click Here

Liberapay (recurring donation): Click Here

Donate Cryptocurrency

If you would like to make a donation in cryptocurrency, please send any amount of Bitcoin or Monero to one of the following addresses.

These addresses go to wallets controlled by a group of core FemtoStar Project volunteers. Donations to them are used to cover hosting and domain costs, purchase hardware and tools, and otherwise support FemtoStar Project development directly.

Bitcoin: bc1q7rgfkucxx5m9d9n40kpsm6h2c96mrfh6vftahq

Monero: 86EMaQV5nfKMZ8HowG9RTugLdu7tV8MqgHvTvV2qwXEsXAMBMVZMQ2AgwsKhxqZEiM8nTruWPrp6YcdvAv4WveiXFSTbRnu

Want to donate another way?

If you would like to donate via a method not listed above (such as via a different payment processor or in a different cryptocurrency), or if you want more information before you donate, please contact us and we'd be glad to help you.